developing with drupal…and suffering

Having immersed myself in the enormous task of developing a drupal site for the webcam operators new emolab (emotional labour) project, I have slowly but surely been learning a few basic things about this quite complex but powerful content management system.


Without going back to the very start of setting up a drupal site (many tutorials – OH THANK GOD!- are available all over the web, although mostly written by experts who have no idea how to relate to and address less experienced people like me ), I still am at the very beginning of this site’s development and today I was faced with the problem of editing the Home page.

The Home page when building a drupal site, has a default configuration that cannot be edited (easily).

A couple of ways are suggested when doing a web search on the issue; the most common one being creating new content (page for example) and setting the publishing options to “promoted to front page”, and finally add the node’s url  to the path for the Home page (configure>site information>default front page).


However, doing this wasn’t the best option for me as I didn’t want the authoring information appearing on the page and neither did i want a Title as the site information section allows not only the site’s title, but also description, slogan and logo.

So there I was…stuck.

But, i am lucky. I have David. everybody should know a David! He came out with this genius idea that I should …simply (!) create a new content type and view using Views.

Here is a bit of drupal Therapy:


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