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Jars – with Tangible Experiments

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

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Jars  is a simple sound, video and lights installation …in glass jars using Flash, Arduino and flex sensors.

It came about because we were experimenting with the new flex sensors we’d just acquired and because I had just read an article about the death of young American designer Tobias wong who had brought us the famous sun jars. Jars is a modest tribute to the late designer.

Three conserve glass jars triggering sound, video and L.E.Ds. Fitted with flex sensors, the analog data is sent to a flash ActionScript program via Arduino, changing values in sound volume and led intensity.

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We wanted to keep the content simple and create more of an atmospheric piece where the audience would enter a different world through the jars, each jar being a portal to a space that is not the city. We wanted natural sounds reminiscent of the peaceful countryside, somewhere to escape to or be contemplative in.

Again, this piece is more about play than a well rounded conceptual works.

It is about the participation of the public and their immersion into the piece through choice.