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Through London’s Windows

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

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London has attracted a range of individuals from all over the world in our contemporary society. It has been the muse of numerous artists, and here we are, after many works and exhibitions past, present and I’m sure, future, willing to add our touch to the art altars and desiring to declare, tell and show our enthusiasm for the city. London has not only been the love but also the hope of numerous people. In what London promises, it resembles – for the surrounding nations and some further away – the ‘American’ dream though a less polished one, slightly rough yet coveted by many. It is one of the global cities around the world if not the ultimate global city, a contemporary Babel where everyone comes and seeks their path to life.

Yet, amongst the roaring and effervescence of the city, it is still astonishing to find little havens of peace and history. The seemingly conflicting architectures and human behaviours merge without drama, or at least without apparent drama, as it engulfs a complex society. Nonetheless it feels like a protector. Somewhere you can loose yourself in but you’ll never truly feel lost. It has a reassuring greatness as well as being disconcertingly unassuming. It is great and humble, old and new, fast and slow, hard and kind, distinctively British and entirely multicultural but still authentic.

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When reviewing the theme of ‘Through London’s Windows’, I can’t help but think of the window as immaterial and of the idea that no one ever just passes through. Whether someone has been in London for 5 minutes or 20 years, they will have had a unique experience of the place and that the ‘window’ is that opportunity we have to share those intimate and ‘like no other’ perspectives on moments and stories This may seem obvious, but I would want to argue that if it is the case for all places of the world, the London experience is that which deeply resonates in those who have crossed paths with it.


The idea of ‘looking through London’s windows’ for me conjures up the ideas of veiling and revealing. It brings to mind the lifting of a veil on a fantasy lived by all who sought the dream.  However, it isn’t a negative angle on this notion but rather a meditative look on an ‘enchanted’ city. This is not about the gloss layer of the tourist guide but about the moment(s) when one realises they have been bewitched.

Carrying on with the thought of the metaphorical ‘window’, I would like to work on a series of atmospheric moving cameos engaging the viewer with the spellbinding reality of the city.

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The work will be time based and might be based on archival material  either visual or oral (British Library sound archive). This base material will be reworked with current original media although this is still an idea in progress.

return to wells complete

Saturday, May 12th, 2012

return to wells explores visual representations of the memory trace from a particular event in a particular location. the works intersect depictions of the true, the fragmented and the constructed memory. Intimate cameos are created, perhaps idealizing what once was from what is left. return to wells has taken the form of a digital book and while this is still forming it can be experienced here.

—return to wells s2—

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

—return to wells s1—

Monday, May 7th, 2012

A series of animated gifs from a collection of photographs taken in Wells-Next-The-Sea, Norfolk, England in 2008.