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april 09

no video

authors: webcam operators (paula roush and marie-josiane agossou)
video, colour, sound, 5’17”


“Grabbing synchronous webcam channels, we reflect on our roles as webcam operators and spectators”

view no video here.



march 09

13Wks, 6Days by marie_pix


marie_pix reverse engineers relationships by splicing, copying and pasting text messages exchanged between a friend, a lover, an acquaintance, that she edits into nonlinear narratives. Hacking the emotional time frame, in her book, end and beginning become fuzzy, leaving you guessing your place in the text.

paula roush


january 09

cctvecstasyat AGM 09 under ctrl at the RADIATOR: EXPLOITS IN THE WIRELESS CITY
cctvecstasy  explores webcam performance in the surveillance space. in front of a live audience.


Featuring: paula roush as cctvecstasy, marie josiane agossou as marie_pix, deej fabyc as deedee4000, maria lusitano as alfazema, lara morais as byme, , lina  jungergård as opaean , aaron de montesse as de montesse, susana mendes silva as misssms, anne marte overaa as anne marte.


may 05

colour Video  4”15’

by Renk Martin & Marie-Josiane Agossou


…at the sight and touch of something so vibrant as colour, vivid memories and lost behaviours spring back. Facial expressions are not so controlled …


june 03

a la rencontre…

Creation of three live electronics accompaniments with the collaboration of
the music school of Meung sur Loire and the flute class ran by Virginie GUENIN.
Accompaniments were created using SuperCollider, a real time audio synthesis programing language.

composer Fabrice Mogini also composed three pieces for the occasion

Flute students from beginner level to grade 8 performed the pieces at la Fabrique, Meung-sur-Loire, France.

june 01

MIX Video piece and sound design. In collaboration with Renk Martin.



may 01

CHOICES – flute and live electronics performance – Middlesex University- collaborative Choices composed by Fabrice Mogini


starting from Fabrice’s composition for solo flute, I adapted my flute with pressure sensitive sensors linked to a SuperCollider program reading and using the converted analogue signal in order to process the flute as well as generating an electronic accompaniment in real time.